Repetier Firmware Support of Dual Z leveling

I like the complete Repetier solution with server and firmware, so I have moved my cartesian printer firmware from Marlin to Repetier.  I have dual z motors and endstops.  Marlin allows for a Z_DUAL_ENDSTOPS_ADJUSTMENT through M666 Gcode (see Does Repetier Firmware support this in some way?  If not is there a plan to add it?


  • I just saw another possibly bigger problem.  Does Repetier Firmware support dual Z stepper controllers?  My second Z stepper motor is connected to the previously unused E1 stepper controller on my RAMPS 1.4 equivalent board.  Marlin has a feature, Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS that automatically uses the unused E stepper controller.
  • Just did some more research and it appears the MK4duo firmware has the features I require and is compatible with Repetier Host.  Is this ok to use?  Do I loose any integration features with Repetier Host if I use it?  What printer firmware do I select in host if I use it?
  • Looks like Repetier Firmware does support Dual Z motors by selecting: Mechanics -> Mirror motor signals to other stepper driver (FEATURE_TWO_ZSTEPPER). I guess my original question still stands: Does Repetier Firmware support Z_DUAL_ENDSTOPS_ADJUSTMENT through M666 or equivalent?
  • We support dual end stops but you can not say offsets, so you need to calibrate hardware side.
  • Ok, I used an adjustable Z endstop on one side:
    And attached the stock fixed endstop to the other side, all works fine.
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