Firmware version and what that means


A brief background:
I have a German Reprap x350 and it has firmware version 3.0 installed and I wanted to update to 3.1 which I received from the manufacturer. I tried the 3.1 firmware and it did not work (but it actually does work but only when I install my second extruder which I do not want to do at the moment) so I changed back to 3.0. The support folks at German Reprap told me I could get all the documentation I need for my Repetier Firmware here at Repetier. Finding that documentation is not so easy so far so I`m posting here for some guidance.

How can I tell from my 3.0 and 3.1 German Reprap firmware which version of Repetier firmware it is based on?
I know that it is Repetier based firmware because it says so in the tabs when I look at it with Arduino 1.0.6, I just can`t find the version plainly stated. 
Where is the documentation for the various versions of Repetier firmware?


  • I found on the configuration.h tab that "the file is optimized for version 0.92" in both the 3.0 and 3.1 firmware I got from German Reprap. I think that is my Repetier firmware version, is that correct?
  • look in file repetier.h , Version number should be written there
  • I guess GRR have modified the repetier.h to return 3.1 which does not exist. 0.92 sounds likely. But only comparing files would reveal what it is as they also might have started with 0.92 and add new data without changing the comment.
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