userpins.h not being generated by the website configuration tool

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I am trying to map the pins from my MakerBot mightyboard that is based off of the arduino mega platform using the atMega1280 to their respective functions using the online configuration tool. However, after setting everything up and downloading the output code generated there is no userpins.h file.
I would like to know how to correct this as I am sure I am missing something.

When I started the configurator I selected "own layout defined in userpins.h". I then configured both extrueders and temperature monitors to their appropriate pins. However, when finished the generated code does not include this userpins.h file at all. 
I went about creating my own file and copy pasted the code from the pins.h file (just the user-defined section for motherboard 999) however, after running the code it generated multiple errors several having to do with the lcd and other things.

Then I downloaded the master firmware file. There I edited the code in pins.h and uploaded that to the printer via Arduino software. The printer ran and was able to connect to the Repetier-Host software on my windows computer. It would not move when commanded to and displayed a temperature overheat warning in the log box. It didn't seem to matter if I changed the pins in pins.h or userpins.h just that I was using the master file instead of my custom one.

I would like to know if there is a better way to go about this. Did I just miss the autogenerated userpins.h file? Do I need to create that from scratch?



  • There is no userpins.h - that is for individual boards unknown to firmware so you have to create it with contents like in pins.h. So that part was correct. You omit the motherboard selector.

    LCD will not work directly since the pin usage for lcd/board combo is unknown. It might use a default combo that might destroy other firmware function even. So if you find your display add in DisplayList.h a pin usage matching your connection.

    Make sure also to select right motherboard in ide.

    Not sure what else might go wrong apart of selecting wrong pins of course.
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