Z probe to find bed level

  I'm converting my DaVinci 1.0 into a CNC device for cutting printed circuit cards.  I am trying to make the Z probe feaure work with the z max endstop, but cant seem to get the firmware to compile.  The error I get is "'Z_HOME_HEAT_HEIGHT' was not declared in this scope".  I guess I need to somehow modify the configuration file so it knows there is no extruder, but is that all?  I'm setting the probe pin to be the zmax endstop.  



  • You need
    // Z-height for heating extruder during homing
    #define ZHOME_HEAT_HEIGHT 20

    it does not matter that you are not heating, it must be defined.
  • OK, thanks.  Does it mater where this define takes place?  I put it in Configuration.h and still got the same error.  Then I tried in BedLeveliing.cpp; Now I get "no matching function for call to 'RMath::max(float,float,long int, float)' 
  • No position does not matter.

    max only works on 2 values so having it called on 4 will not work of course. Question is how did you manage that. Guess at some point a value was required and you have set 3 values instead. So see what variable is used at the line in question and see what you set it to. And for next time please post full message and lines from source. Make sit easier to identify the problem instead of some guessing.
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