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Hello everyone,

I'm currently in the process of building a very basic wood cutting CNC machine and found that Marlin was restrictive in the options I need to complete.

Now, the machine I'm building has two motors for the X axis, 2 for the Y axis and 1 for the Z axis. Is Repetier able to be configured to do this?
Secondly, I'm going through the configuration screens and I'm stuck on the 'Printer Type' options on the first screen. I don't understand the four options under the 'Delta Printers'  could someone explain them to me please
Lastly, it seems that you HAVE to have a 3d printer configuration uploaded as part of the upload is their anyway to remove this? Why does a milling machine need an extruder or heated bed.



  • First, you do not need to upload a configuration. If you had one created with the tool you can upload it, so all values are set to last values. You should always do that if you want to change configuration. Do never change configuration.h manually or changes are lost after upload.

    You need the cartesian printer if you build classic cnc style. So forget the 4 core xy combos below delta. You don't have it.

    For motors select mirror x and mirror y motor and you get options to select a second stepper socket for it. SO you need a board with 5 stepper drivers.

    You need an extruder so the data structure for a cnc tool is there. You can use fake temperature sensor and use a heater pin that is not connected. Does not matter. In V2 you would select a CNC tool when it is finished, but for V1 just use a dummy extruder.
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    Many thanks - very helpful

    FYI - I have no previous configuration with Repetier, I'm starting from scratch.

    The only information I have is a branch of Marlin that the designer of the machine I'm using. Do you mean this could be imported and the settings extracted into Repetier?

  • The sources differ quite a lot. For settings of hardware there is normally an equivalent but there is no conversion tool.
  • Hi
    Is there a V2 branch that is suitable for a Mega 2560?

    Secondly, I'd thought I'd impart some of my observations over firmware and possible future demands.

    With the advent of Fusion and other cheap/open source software, more and more people are experimenting or using CNC. However, the problem comes because the entry level 'stuff' is geared towards 3dPrinting which then brings about compromises or size limitations with the firmware. This is where I think there is a gap, and for what I have seen, you guys have already done most of the work but geaered toward 3d Printing. With a slight tweak Repetier could fill a void in CNC  very nicely - you already have a PC GUI and uC firmware. You could compete with Mach 3/4!

    For CNC we don't NEED a RAMPS board with bed and temperature allocations and the annoying paralleled up Z axis connection. To me, for a basic configuration we just need the ability to connect up 5 driver boards, limit switches and a display. For a more advanced configuration the ability to jog easily and to display positional information and some user defined switch inputs (xero X, zero Y etc) All of which could be achieved by a hobbyist via strip board and jump out wires. This system would also allow for upgrading to the more stand alone higher amp drivers like the TB6600 and more intelligent feedback controllers. This sort of configuration of which could setup as part of your exiting web based infrastructure.


  • No V2 has no mega HAL at the moment.

    You mean like the classic CNC solutions where the pc sends every step signal? With the end of the centronics interface this is becoming a bit of a problem solved by usb replacements that cache some data to keep up. The firmware boards are the solution as they cache even more. Our software is optimized for that solution and it works very well. With V2 we go even more in the direction as you now can build your own firmware that only uses code parts that you want. No need to add extruders or heated beds any more. That is the way we plan to go. Currently our main focus is clearly 3d with benefits to convert such machines for simple cnc machines or laser cutter/engraver..
  • Repetier said:
    No V2 has no mega HAL at the moment.

    You mean like the classic CNC solutions where the pc sends every step signal?
    I don't think so!
    I was just making the point that it would be good idea not to focus entirely on 3d printing. To not only incorporate a fully customisable firmware solution which encompasses peoples real world configurations (as mentioned above) but also  add some CNC specific options utilising breakout signals eg DRO and I2C (for Trinamic drivers)
  • With V2 you can extend firmware to what you want. You can also add extra gcodes for extra functions and add new modules. No idea what DRO signals are, but different stepper driver modules will come.
  • As per my original post - DRO = Digital Read Out
    The ability to display the position of the cutting head.

    When do you think a mega 2560 version will become available?
  • DRO would then be M114 gcode. Current position is never known during moves but it is known where new moves will start from.

    Can't really say when I write that HAL as it also needs testing and I'm also busy with host/server/support. So any time would be wrong. But I think it will not take too much time before I start writing the other hal versions. (plan also M0 and LP1769 versions).
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