Can't select user preset filament settings

V2.1.3 - Slic3r Prusa Edition -
I have 3 saved user presets for filament settings, but none of them show up in the drop down menu for 'Extruder 1:'. Only the system presets are there and I can't change the settings in those.


  • It is now possible to have conditions for filaments to under which conditions to show filament. If your selected printer does not fullfill these they will not show up. Especially the standard profiles for prusa use this function.
  • I reinstalled Repetier, now the Filament Settings, Extruder 1: drop down menu is completely empty. Not even system presets.
  • Oops. I understand. I was skipping the part where I select a printer or custom settings when Slic3r PE first opens. Working now. Thanks.
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