I am trying to figure out the firmware for the Trinamic drivers and I intend to use this fro X and Y axis only.
I have some questions/difficulties wish to get some leads...

(1) Do you have to change anything in the trinamic.h  file?

(2) In configuration.h file, there is a line.....

#define MICROSTEP_MODES { 16,16,16,16,16,16 } // [1,2,4,8,16]
I am assuming that these refer to X,Y,Z, T0, T1, T2   what do they stand for and how can these be implemented?

(3)  Could anybody tell me what these stand for?
are these for both axis and could they be made to adjust each axis by putting
_X or _Y ?

#define TMC2130_PWM_AMPL          255
#define TMC2130_PWM_GRAD            1
#define TMC2130_PWM_AUTOSCALE    1
#define TMC2130_PWM_FREQ            2

Thanks for your help.

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