temperature set, no tool selected

 I am new to 3d-printing. I am using an Ormerod 1 with the Arduino Duet; I have been using Pronterface before with decent results.
Now I am trying to use the repetier host interface but it's giving me problems. When I try to heat up the hot end, or try to print it says "temparature set, no tool selected" I have A T0 command in my strat up code (thought this is the one to use since the Heat Extruder button generates an M104 T0 Sxxx command.
I've crosschecked my config.g with the one provided by Reprap and it seems to be all good.
I've searched this forum but altough similar things came up nothing turned out to be the solution.

All help welcome,
thanks in advance.


  • M104 T0 Sxxx doe not change the extruder! Here T0 only says for which extruder to change temperature.

    I'm not familar with the duet firmware whcih is I think the part saying "temparature set, no tool selected". Maybe duet firmware does not support the T0 in M104 and you would need to send T0 at first.
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