Repetier on Duet Wifi powering a Sparkcube v1.1 XL with MABL, FTS and Motor Endstops?

The title ist nearly self explaining. I´d like to build a Sparkcube v1.1 XL but I haven´t settled on the electronics. RADDS seems to have issues with PT100 sensors or at least it might be more soldering than i´d like to. Duet Wifi seems a good choice but i´m not sure if it would work with RepRapFirmware or Repetier. I hope someone can enlighten me. Thanks.


  • No it does not work with Duet Wif - I mean repetier-firmware. We have no pin setting and especially no support for the extended hardware on it.
  • In my limited understanding the duet seems to be a integrated out of the box solution with the same basic components as RADDS+DUE and similar boards/solutions. So is it impossible to run repetier on it or do i have to write a specific configuration for it?  If the basic functionality is present i wouldn´t mind if i couldn´t use the wifi for example. Or what do you mean by extended hardware? I hope the TMC2660s are not the issue?
  • Did not know about the TMC2660 also these are not supported if they use different commands then TMS2130. What I knew was that it uses more pins the due has so that would be the other issue. And ethernet/wifi would not work. So quite some things.

    But I like the drivers so might try to add it sometime to V2 firmware. But I surely need to check in more detail if I can get it running. I never paid much extension since it came with RepRapFirmware from the board designers so for me it was a complete package that was to some points incompatible, also most things can be fixed easily.

    Anyhow if you want that board I'd use RepRapFirmware. If you need Repetier-Firmware start with RADDS. One PT100 sensor on radds is no problem. More may be a problem since analog inputs are not available as free pins. I think one of the driver sockets has 3 more that can be used if you do not use all driver sockets.
  • I see. While my knowledge regarding the issues is limited i did a quick research and indeed David Crocker, programmer of the RRF, mentioned that the Duet doesn´t (maybe it change in the meantime) support the TMC2130 because of a different command set and thus the need of a new driver written for it.
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