How i can manage a fan with chamber sensor?

My 2 heads printer is driving by a rumba card.
How i can manage a fan on pin 8 for cooling my card with the pin chamber sensor 12 (exp: if temp > 50 then fan one speed 255)
I don't find this possibility in repetier.
Actualy I use manualy or in GCode M42 P8 S255

Thanks before


  • Simplest solution currently would be either
    #define FAN_BOARD_PIN  pinnumber
    With 0.92.3 it will enable fan if heaters go on or are hotter then EXTRUDER_FAN_COOL_TEMP
  • Thank for your reply.
    I'll test this solution.
    I just found that with the #define FAN_BOARD_PIN of 0.92.3, the fan is on when the bed is heating, but also when stepper motors are active. This near what I want for protect my card, even if the ventilation is not related to the temperature.

    Thank you for the good job done by the Repetier team.

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