how to change the y-home offset

Ive got a question: is there a way to change the y-home offset to -50 in the EEPROM.
i know it work with +50 but not -50 so is there a way to do that?
ive got an anet a6 running with skynet and autolevel.


  • Check C:\Program Files\Repetier-Host\plugins\RRFirmwares there is a file marlineeprom.xml

    I think you need

      <entry type="float">
        <description unit="[mm]">Home offset X</description>
        <set>M206 X@</set>
      <entry type="float">
        <description unit="[mm]">Home offset Y</description>
        <set>M206 Y@</set>
      <entry type="float">
        <description unit="[mm]">Home offset Z</description>
        <set>M206 Z@</set>

    originally there are min="0" preventing the negative values. Have updated it for next release.
  • edited February 2019
    its still doesn't let me change the values to negative in the eeprom
  • What is the exact name in eeprom editor that yo want to change? They are all in that file. Also make sure to edit as root. Writing in Program files is normally not allowed and you need to restart host to get new settings.
  • the exact name is "Home offset Y"
    i did edit it as root but nothing happened it still tells me that minus isn't allowed
  • So the position I told you is correct. Did you restart host and verify changes were written?
  • For what ever reason i had to restart my PC to get it to work but now it works.
    Thank you for your help
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