DualX: skipping move to last position after changing extruder

When in non-lazy mode, the activated extruder moves to last position of previous extruder. I was wondering if it was possible to skip that (travel) move and go straight to the next position. That would not only save some time but also lower chances of contamination. No idea if that is a big deal programmatically, but it would surely make for a nice touch in V2.

Thinking about it from my limited understanding of the inner workings of the firmware, it would require you to find the next instruction in the gcode that actually moves the extruder. There is always the possibility of arbitrary gcode after a tool change, so simply "jumping" to the next line won't do the trick. Oh well, maybe you can still whip up a smart solution....


  • Actually that is the difference between lazy and non lazy. non lazy reacts on extruder switches so it can not know next position and goes to current position. Lazy keeps new extruder parked until an extrusion is required and only then unparks making the switch faster just as you wanted.
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