zprobe Activity

Working on my Zprobe installation (Corexy Large Format)
Plan to use D59 for the probe pin

Noticing with the 12V NPN with internal pull-up Inductive sensor LJ12A3-4-z/bx
The signal (output) is wired to a 12v relay in1 (high/low trigger) The relay Common is wired to ramps VCC 5v and the NO is to signal pin (D59 not wired in)

when the  nozzle is within filament distance the Zprobe tends to trigger due to proximity to the bed (makes sense)
just monitoring the relay is not connected to pull-up D59

Just wondering? (did not find any notes on the forum)
during printing is the ZProbe inactive? (maybe ignored is a better choice )


  • There is an option in the configuration for 'only check endstops when homing'
  • well then , may  have to use an endstop and not D59 which is Aux2 guess i have to do more research that's why we test :>)
  • No, pin number is not relevant as long as you enter it in config.
    What MartinH wanted to say is that z probe is always sending signals, but with ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS 0 the signal is ignored when not homing or probing to solve the approximation problem.
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