I definitely gave up on repetier firmware

I really hate repetier firmware. Every single time I have tried to cope with auto bed leveling I've destroyed a servo and a metal bracket for the sensor. I can't believe! With marlin everything went perfect and with repetier nope. There are no clear and certain instructions, there are always different behavior between bed leveling measurements and every time the result is the same crashes and damages... And again what a mess is the necessity of remember to write to a different eeprom set, otherwise any change in the firmare remains uneffective. It's really frustrating and a nonsense. If i rewrite the firmware it's clear that i want to change something. This interaction between eeprom settings and firmware settings it's...  End of the story, never, never never again with repetier. I know that's a problem of mine, but sorry, I don't have more money or time to waste.
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