How can I load a STL file from the server?

Is it possible to open up Repetier-Host, and then load a STL file that's part of one of my projects that currently resides on the Repetier-Server?

Currently my process is I have all my projects on the server.  I have to download a STL file, load it in Repetier-Host, slice it up to get my GCode on my PC (with Repetier-Host) and then have to send them back to the server for printing.

I want to make sure I don't rely on Repetier-Host as the stable force behind my 3d printing.  Ex: I want to in the end be able to open Repetier-Host, load my file from the server, slice it up, then tell the server to print my file.  Then close Repetier-Host and shutdown my PC.  Then go on the road to monitor the print via the web gui etc..


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