I installed a EV63D extruder clone, now it hangs too low on my Davinci 1.0 using repetier 0.92

I have installed a EV63D clone on my davinci 1.0 witch has been flashed with repetier 0.92 now the extruder hangs to low.
I need to adjust the Z offset. I have done the adjustment on the printer it's self and it seems ok (it homes to the position I need it to).  I also set the offset in slic3er but when I go to print the printer does it's homing and all is good but then the printer bed rises to the original Z height and the extruder crashes into the side of the bed.
I have a feeling that I am missing something but I am not sure what it is.
Any help is greatly appreciated. 


  • In which direction does printer home?
    If it homes to z min (bed to nozzle) you need to raise the z min endstop physically to adjust for the difference.

    If it home z max go to eeprom and reduce z length by the extra length.

    Offsets in slicer are surely a hack at it's best. Firmware + Hardware must be configured to home correctly without external help.
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