User preferred date/time format in UI

Hi there,

Possibility to select what date/format is used UI. Either at user-level or server-level. 

I know that date/time-format in Repetier-Server follow the selected language. However, I still prefer English (even if my native language was an option), but it's quite annoying that date/time format is forced to US-based when using english.

The question/request as been asked before:

I belive that other than me / non-native-english people, still prefer english, but also wish to select there localized date/time format.

Would you please consider this again?

Thanks in advance :)

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  • Will think about it. As german user I understand it as well. American format i snot what I'm used to have.
  • Repetier said:
    Will think about it. As german user I understand it as well. American format i snot what I'm used to have.
    Exactly! Thank you very much :)
  • I would also like to have a 24 hour clock, instead of am/pm.
    I would also like the opportunity to translate the interface into my own language.
  • What would your language be? Widely used languages are always welcome if you also plan to support updates of translations in the future.
  • I'm from Denmark.
    It is probably not the largest user group that uses your software and speaks Danish.
    But I would like to translate the text into Danish, if that means that we can get a clock showing 24 hour format.
  • Clock and translation are independent things. Currently there is no selectable format at all. I found I could use momentum for it. Have to test if size of output stays at that size or smaller for all countries supported. Then I might be able to make it selectable.
  • Hi.
    I just installed the repiter server. The first thing I noticed was the am/pm. very frustrating to not have 24hour and English. I see the repitier server monitor can show 24 hour and English. so why not on the webversion?
    Is there any workaround until this request is considered?
  • For touchscreen it is also selectable in settings-> Date and Time format. In regular web interface it depends on language and is not independent selectable for now.
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