LCD setup

Hi, I have Repetier uploaded and printing via my laptop, but would like to connect and LCD screen.
I have the reprap full graphic screen.
I am a little weary about it, because I could never get Marlin to accept the U8glib file, how would this effect Repetier. Thanks


  • u8glib is included in firmware. You do not use a eventually installed library at all.
  • Repetier said:
    u8glib is included in firmware. You do not use a eventually installed library at all.
    Thanks, just how do I set up the LCD in firmware, I am not that hot with firmware, I know how to connect it to the printer, the Mechanics is not a difficulty for me.
    I have the printer up and running now, and must say the prints are far better than I ever got via Marlin.
  • You simply set FEATURE_CONTROLLER 11
    or if you used config tool just select the display type and get the new configuration.h for compilation. After recompile it should show up if you used a board with support for that board. But it is the most widely used display so chances are good.
  • Where do I set that , I can,t find any where it says Display in the config.h.
    I do not wish to go through the configuration again now that it is working, took  me long enough in the first place.
  • as repetier wrote :
    You simply set FEATURE_CONTROLLER 11

    so just search for FEATURE_CONTROLLER   not for display

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    OK Thanks,
    Got that, one problem left, the SD card how can I set that, it;s not reading the card.
    I don;t want to go to go to online config.
    sorry for being dumb

  • Why is reading sd card a problem? Remove it if you do not want it. Controller automatically activates sd card as it is part of it, removing is a bit complicated.
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    I dont want to remove it, I want it to work.
    It tells me when the card is inserted and when it is removed, but it is not reading the card, maybe the board is faulty I don't know, that is why I am here
    The card itself seems to be fine I can read ir else where
  • No worries, sorted it, not so dumb after all.
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