Davinci 1.0a unused pin reassignment

I know that the 1.0a does not have the stepper drivers on the main board. However, would it be possible to solder wires to some of the unused pin locations to a stepper driver breakout board and define those pins in the firmware (userpins) to add an additional extruder. If so, should I be looking in the pins spreadsheet for digital pins?

Also, this is more of a lets see if it can be done sort of thing. I have a spare printer I want to try it on.


  • You can. Each driver has 3 lines enable/direction/step that are defined in firmware. So if you add them in pins.h you can use them. Regarding pin numbers make sure to use Arduino pin numbering, not physical pin numbers. As a test connect a led + resistor and use M42 S0 Ppin and M42 S255 Ppin to disable/enable pin. Then you know you have the right ones. But make sure to not use input pin numbers.
  • Led/Resistor positive to pin I am checking and Neg to ground correct?

  • pins are switchable between gnd and positive value. Not sure what your question is here.
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