Sorted files on SD

I basically use the firmware with an SD card and a screen to print.
I would like to display files sorted by date, the most recent at the top of the list.
Is it possible and if so, what modification should I make?


  • No, it is currently not possible. Date makes only sense if you copy them by hand. Firmware does not know anything about time so if you upload using host you have no valid date.

    Problem with sorting is that it takes quite some memory depending on file count. Especially deltas have no byte left for such operations. I plan adding this in V2 as an option if oyu are e.g. on a due with 96kb ram.
  • Ok,
    I use a mega2560 with 256Kb ram.
    I thinks that actuatly the sort is by date of creation, the last written on the SD is often at the bottom of the list.
    I'll wait for the V2.
  • The mega2560 has 256kb flash memory! It has only 8kb ram and with some luck around 3kb free ram, 1kb is needed as stack for different operations. Deltas are lucky to have 900 byte ram for the stack:-)
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