A few Q's

So i once again returns... a lot have happened... 
I was going through the config process and not sure on a few of the settings

1) Fan pin for board cooling

is this to cool the electronics? or to cool the print when its done?

2) Z-Probing

There are no option to spec what servo that lowers the probe... will i have to use the start and stop script lines for this?


where is that one?


  • figured how to create one---


    4) are there any tools arround that can convert marlin settings in to Repetier ones?
  • 1) electronics. Normal FAN_PIN is for print cooling.
    2) Yes, thats what you put into the scripts. As every printer has a different solution this is the most flexible,
    3) Only for self created boards, normally not needed.
    4) No.
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