G92 does not zero coordinates?


I am using Repetier Host 2.1.3 with firmware 1.0.3. To me it seems issuing the G92 command has no effect. I don't have end stops, so I issue the "G0 S1" command, then position my head to the zero position, then issue a "G92 X0 Y0 Z0" command, but the X Y Z coordinates, the red numbers don't change to 0. If I press the home buttons, the head goes to the home position according to the red X Y Z numbers. When I say "home position", I mean the minimum coordinates configured (X_MIN_POS, Y_MIN_POS, Z_MIN_POS).

Is it something I am doing wrong?

For now my only method of zeroing the coordinates is to issue the "G0 S1" command, then position the head to the zero position, press the disconnect button, reset the printer control board (short the reset pins), then press the connect button. I get the red numbers, and when pressing the home buttons, they turn black, and the head moves to the home position (X_MIN_POS, Y_MIN_POS, Z_MIN_POS).

Thanks in advance,


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