Cnc zmin-endStop. Help.

Hi, I try to do the same as the video above, but this is for Marin firmware. but with the firmware of repetier, no
it does not matter which command the machine uses does not go down, by the below zero created by the zmin (home).
sometimes I have seen in the register of the position of z, there are negative values, but the machine does not lower when it is printing. I have a headache
how is the process to be able to use the cnc with zmin?


  • Yes, z min endstop is the limit. There are 2 solutions:
    1. Send G1 S1 to disable boundary check. As long as z min does not trigger you can then go below z also host will not do it, but sending the gcode will work.
    2. Use G30
    - G30 H<height> R<offset> Make probe define new Z and z offset (R) at trigger point assuming z-probe measured an object of H height.
    so it is not z min endstop but zprobe. Here you define real z=0 as table but on the same time you say where your z=0 virtually should be. So boundary check can still be in place.
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