turners cube not watertight in repetier-host

In FreeCAD I made a Turners Cube and wanted to 3D print it.
Loading it into Repetier-Host resulted in: model not watertight.
How should one do to be able to 3D-print something like this?



  • First question is if you know what manifold means. Watertight is just an easier to understand term but models need to be manifold so slicers know 100% what you intended. You can google for more infos on that. This model is quite complicated. Each of the cubes must have one separate surface. You can not share points with 2 surfaces - that is what normally creates the warning. You can still try to slice and see if it causes a problem or not. Not all non-manifold models cause a visible error, especially if error region is small you might come away with it. Or you can try the mesh repair function but that can also add faces you did not want.
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