New Mini-Rambo: No start signal detected - forcing start

Long story short: I have a Prusa i3 I purchased from Folgertech. I moved and had to change out the Arduino. I decided to get the Mini-Rambo (pre-flashed) from 

Hooked it up. Now I have a "No start signal detected- forcing start" message from Repetier-Host. 

Mini-Rambo is blinking yellow/amber light.

Thank you for the any help I can get from the Genius folks in this forum.


  • If anyone needs pictures- I will be happy to provide anything you need. 
  • Try other baud rates, especially 115200. Some boards do not reset and hence not send "start" on connect, which is ok. But they should respond on commands send which does not happen here so a wrong baud rate is probably the issue. Also make sure you have main power enabled as well. Some boards show port while not having firmware running like the Rambo einsy which you may have. In that case connection also only works when board gets main power form printer PSU.
  • Thank you for that information. I changed the Baud rate to 115200. How do I ensure that the main power is enabled?

    Will I have to flash the board with firmware configured with baud rate 115200? 

    After I changed the Baud rate the board still doesn't connect.
  • Main power is the 12/24V power you use for the printer. At least the Rambo Einsy in my Prusa will not start without it. Only the communication chip gets the power from usb which is why you see the port. But only if the AVR chip gets power from 12/24V it will start running firmware so you can connect.
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