G32 first 3 layers printing are at the same height

Hi there,

Need some help with this, i guess i'm doing something wrong but i dont know where to look. 
what i do:
- first a G28
- Then G32 S2 using method 1 (the grid 4 points), bedleveling is going good nothing wrong here.
- trying to print, first layer is OK, then its staying at the same height, for 3 layers before i see a hardware z change.

first thing a thought was that the Z stepper was the blame, but by moving it manually i dont see missing steps.
im printing from repetier server.

what i saw that is that the printer settings in repetier server the height not being updated after a G32, u have to do it manually but cant immagine that this can cause any problems.

in the firmware i have G32 and G33 enabled, i only us G32. 

maby somebody has the same thing or knows something what i didnt do.


  • Server does not see coordinate changes from G32/G33 that is correct. None the less the print contains G1 Zx moves which are seen by server and should tell him then the correct coordinates. You should also see Z increase with every layer. Layer change is defined as different Z with extrusion. So if layer changes you should in server that z also increased.

    What can happen is that you start too close to bed and do not register z going up as nozzle still presses against bed. That prevents extrusion in the wanted amount and you normally hear extruder loosing some steps.
  • hi

    uhmm...... yeah, i guess doing late at night stuff is sometimes not a good thing. 
    i releveled everything using G30 to get z heights. 
    after that a g32 and saw that my height was off 

    zo z-probe height wasn't good, after adjusting it everything worked ok..

    thanks for the quick response
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