Z probe causing X to slam X min endstop

Any time I enter G32 to auto level bed my X axis slams in to the X min endstop which does not stop it, it will continue to grind for a couple moments then go on to probe the bed. How can I make this stop?

The endstop works any other time when I'm homing or any time the X flag hits it, just not when auto leveling with G32 command.

Also my z probe isnt very accurate. Some times auto bed level makes extruder hit bed, some times its too high in the air and every once in awhile it gets it right. I have tried adjusting Z probe hieght in eeprom settings but they seem to have little effect since accuracy isnt really there.


  • I'm using ramps 1.4 board, optical endstops with repetier firmware. every thing else seems to work fine other then Z probing isnt really as effective as I hoped it would be.
  • Also, If i try to auto bed level the printer two times with out shutting the printer off first the 2nd time causes for x to crash in to z min end stop as usual then the rest of the axis start to slowly move in all directions while the 3D touch probe blinks its red light.

    The only way I can effectivly probe my bed is to use G32 command, if the extruder does not come to where it is needed due to probes poor accuracy I have to run the G32 command again in order for it to work I have to shut off the printers power then turn it back on and apply the G32 command if not the above will happen.
  • AT start of G30/G32 the probe is activated meaning offsets are applied. Sounds like your xy offset is not set right. Note that z probe offset is mm and not steps like extruder offsets!
  • I set it to 45mm i measured with micrometer. if looking at it, it is set at 45mm to the right side of the extruder indicated by a positive value. do I have to set the Y value as well? How Do i find the Y value if so?
  • I have it set to that in both the eeprom and the configure.h file
  • It is offset from your virtual 0,0 position you use for extruder offsets. 45 right means on activation it will move 45 mm to the left. So the minimum x position you can probe is 45 and you should not activate probing if you are at x < 45!
  • I dont activate the probe until I've homed all the axis's.

    I'm not understanding how to fix the problem. If I just set all the offs sets to 0 will my problems go away?
  • I put x offset back to 0 and it no longer slams in to the carriage. I must have misunderstood what this was for as I don't really understand it. I originally thought it was how far offset my Z probe was to the extruder.
  • Yes it is the offset to the extruder. Normally first extruder has offset 0,0 so it is the reference.
    After homing I assume you are at x=0 so activating goes to x=-45 (virtually). So you need to run G1 X45 to move 45 to right and then activate probe. Also make sure that the area where you probe is not left of x=45.
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