Smoothieboard configuration

I need some advise on configuring Repetier for a Smoothieboard.  I'm not sure how to set up the pins configuration.  I was using Pronterface but I'm really pleased with it.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  • Repetier-Firmware does not run on Smoothieboard.

    Repetier-Server and Repetier-Host however can directly connect to smoothieboard with smoothieware firmware. In server just select the Smoothieware firmware.

    You need to use Repetier/Marlin like extruder/bed names to get temperatures working correctly. Default for one extruder should work. For multiple extruders the names should be T0 and T1.
  • Thanks for the quick response.
    I'm connected and can turn on the heated bed, however it seems to be running away.  Once it reached the temp, it keeps heating.  I have a connector on the bed wiring so I have to disconnect the bed.  When reconnected it continues to heat.

    I also can't get the X,Y or Z to move.

    I'm beginning to think I have a problem with the smoothieboard.  I was having an issue using pronterface as well, however I was having different issues there.  I couldn't even turn the bed on.  As soon as I would set the temp, it would reset it back to 0.  
  • Sounds like wrong firmware configuration. Does the temperature rise or stay constant that you see? If it stays more or less you might have not connected the temp sensor to the correct connector.

    Hosts do just send the commands to firmware so if the commands get send and you retrieve an ok the host part is working and you need to search on firmware side. As a test send for example
    and see if you get coordinates.

    Did you test homing already? Or M119 to see if endstops might prevent moves?
    I'm not a Smoothieboard expert so can not really say much about how it reacts.
  • I think I've located a problem with the heat bed and extruder.  I have solid state relay for the heat bed.  When I disconnect the input from the relay, the relay is still closed.  I need to replace the relay before proceeding.

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