TronXY X5ST STM32 based controller

I've recently taken possession of an X5ST printer kit anticipating that it had already addressed some of the poor design choices in the X5S builds. The improvements still need a lot of alternate fixes, but the printer does at least come3with a 32bit contoller. The problem I am having difficulty with due to the complete lack of any decent documentation is where this controller fits in the repetier framework since the electronic paperwork supplied seems to apply mainly to the older X5S controller. I've actually got a BBB/Cramps setup which is intended to replace the controller anyway, but I'd like to at least run it up and see where we stand. Is the STM32 based controller supported at all?


  • Our firmware has no STM32 support at all. I can also not say when or if we will support this in the future. So currently you need to use a different firmware that supports your board. I think smoothieware is also STM32 based, so that could work. It is also compatible with our other software products.
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