Cnc/Laser Menu option and UI_TEXT_ID

Is there any source control for adding the UI_ID values or is it just first come first serve?
As of this time #define UI_TEXT_EEPROM_RESETEDB_ID 313 looks to be the last item.
Need to add some UI Keywords like Spindle speed % etc...

Normally a Java programmer going to try my hand at adding a CnC menu within the Control menu in the UI.  
The goal to allow simple minor control for simple manual control of the spindle.

Any suggestions are welcome.  I didn't see any updates in the latest thread. (  

Was thinking something like (Assuming CnC mode selected):  (Looks like that is an option under #define MENU_MODE_CNC 512)
Remove extruder sub menu in Control menu and add Spindle.
In Spindle menu have something like 
UI_MENU_CHANGEACTION_SPINDLE (yadda yadda)// similar to extruder temp menu style set RPM % speed based on max RPM
IF spindle dir enabled

I also noticed on my pure CNC there are still some extruder features sneaking into the move menu.


  • It depends on your target. If your target is to make a pull request so it gets part of dev version, then yes, you need to use the next free number. The list is not allowed to have gaps as it is a map for all languages.

    If it is personal mod only check the felix sample system. That uses own translations and own action IDs and own menu system in separate files so updates are easy.
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    If you want to change menus you should use the custom menu sytem , similar to custom events.
    Don´t think repetier will do changes in menu structure as V2 is work in progress which also is much better for
    CNC as it can handle up to 7 Axis.
    Have a 4 Axis Laser running on V2 and will not go back ;-)
  • Sounds like it first come first serve and as long as I make something not too invasive it can just be pushed to dev.
    I will try to minimize the amount of keywords added to ui, since that must be replicated for all languages.

    My true goal was to modify the dev version in time for 1.0 when it moves to released.  The real reason is to make it easy for others who might not be so tech savvy to just used the configuration tool.  (Which is awesome and works for the dev 1.0 version so doesn't even have to be the released version.) 

    I will try to muddle around and get a menu that can work for multi tool systems.  I think it would be nice for the vanilla menu's to show what mode the printer is in and change the Control sub menu accordingly.  (I don't plan on changing the page menus)
    FDM = Extruder sub menus (current baseline)
    CNC = Spindle sub menu (Extruders are replaced with spindle)
    Laser = Laser sub menu? (Honestly i don't have a laser and don't know if there is any variable you would change?)

    This is just creature comforts that I think most would like if they use the machine stand alone.  The v1.0 is working great for running the rig without any source modification.

    I am used to just coding on my own so I might use this as an opportunity to learn how to properly use Github and C.
    I saw V2 as alpha so i didn't want to get involved since I am a complete newbie.

    Off topic:  I am glad V2 is moving to, I wish Arduino IDE would just allow sub folders.  I was planning on making some robot firmware codes and then realized the fact that I used folders (because single files were getting too dense) made it not compile in Arduino IDE.   Making it a pain for compiling to others (students) who just have Arduino IDE...  Kind of took the wind out of my sails.
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    Just to be honest ,
    i did a lot of tests  and even tried to add menu points for spindle and laser what ended up in unusability.
    most , not to say all parameters you want to change for spindle and laser have to be changed on the fly,
    so you don´t have the time to scroll in menus.
    As i don´t know what type of machine you use as mill just imagine what happens when you have powerful
    components (i use a 2.2kW Spindle on my mill and believe me it´s not funny standing next to it when a 12mm flute breaks apart because of not reacting fast enough)
    Thats why i use a simple potentiometer for controlling speed and switching on / off respectively direction is controlled
    by g-code and buttons.
    similar situation for Lasers .
    But that´s only my personal point of view.
    nevertheless for shure I´m interested in new features , may be they change my mind ;-)
  • Latest Arduino IDE support subdirectories with fixed structure. E.g. sdfat is in a subdirectory. Main problem is that the IDE will not show the files, just compiles them. But yes, so so much better especially with using a real development platform like Visual Studio Code.
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