Mix: Both stepper motors turn at the same time

Hello, I've been trying to get a mixing extruder to working but everytime I set the firmware (92.3) to mixing extruder and test it in Repetier-host, both extruder turn at the same time, even when switching between extruder. I ran it as a dual extruder and it works fine but when I turn mix on in the firmware, both turn at same time. I've check the printer setting in Repetie-host to make sure it was set for mix too.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Please read our documentation for it:

    I guess all extruders have the same weights for all virtual extruders. You need to first define your weights in eeprom to change the weights like you want them.
  • Ok, that makes sense.  I used the m163 & m164 and it works great. You mention that I need to set the weights in the eeprom.

    The eeprom setting show 16 Extr 1 Weight with a value of 10. So do I change the first one (Extr 1 Weight 1 to 100 instead of 10 and then set the rest of the weights to 0. Is that correct?

    There isn't a way set these weights up in the configuration.h yet?
  • The weights can not be set from config file. Always initalized as 10 for all.

    First weight for extr 1 and ext 2 correspond to T0 command, second to T1 and so on. Setting weights to 0 means does not use extruder.


    100 0 : T0 = 100% extruder 1
    0 100 : T1 = 100% extruder 2
    50 50 : T2 = 50% each
    25 75 : T3 = 25% extruder 1 , 75% extruder 2

    So you don't need M163 once they all have good meanings you switch with extruder selector.
  • Got working.  Thanks for all your help. :)

    Now I have to work on setting the retraction so I don't end up with back-flow again.
  • I am experimenting with multi-extruder retraction using the G10 and G11 codes, which (in my hacked firmware) makes both extruders retract and un-retract at the same time. This limits back-flow and removed stringing.

    Problem is finding a slicer that takes G10 and G11 seriously. Most will generate the codes, but on *all* moves, even going from perimeter to perimeter.
  • Which trick did you use to make both retract without confusing the rest of the system?
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