Connection timeout - reset send buffer block issue

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So I seem to be running into an issue when sending a print directly from my PC instead of printing via the SD card in Repetier- Host V2.1.3.  I have a Tevo Tornado with stock settings, and my OS is Widows 10. The error it generates is: "Communication timeout- Reset send buffer block"... anyone know what this means? I've done a few google searches but I have not found any answers that are all that helpful. Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?  :s 

One person in the Tevo Tornado Facebook group suggested I go into the USb power settings and disable 'USB selective suspend'. I tried that but the problem still doesnt seem to be fixed.

I have a video showing the issue as well:


  • I see no time gaps between the timeouts. Could it be that you have set timeout to 0? Should be around 30 seconds for normal printers and be 3 seconds if printer supports busy protocol.

    It just means that the host did not see a "ok" which it expected in the last timeout seconds. With 0 you would what I see in your log.
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