Roadmap ?

It's been a while since we was new features coming to repetier software (both server & host).
Is the development abandoned forever? :( Or can you give us an idea of what is coming to repetier?

Thanks and have a nice day.


  • Nothing is abadonned. New server release will come in january with updated touchscreen interface (Angular 7 instead of 2) with some new enhancements. The other big new feature will be a rescue system to continue a print after connection or power less. That will also go together with a new firmware extension to better save prints on connection lost.

    We are also working hard on Firmware V2 which is a big rewrite to a module system that is much more flexible and also uses a different path planner.

    Host will get new slicer support once server is finished. 

    In addition all updates will of course numerous small fixes we fixed over time. It is just the easy things are all implemented and new features tend to be more complicated and time consuming. So longer periods of pause normally mean bigger changes. 
  • Hi,
    Thanks for your reply !

    Hopefully you will fix the many bugs in repetier server/host, like for instance the bed status not being synched correctly (for instance, it's at 70°c in the printer & repetier server, but the host shows it as disabled/cooldown) :) 
  • What firmware are you using that you get disabled in host? Host parses M105 responses and there is a /target which decides if host says on or off. Maybe your firmware does not send this and host does not see the commands send by server to have the extra information.
  • Latest Marlin 1.1.9 :) 
    It's working fine if I'm piloting the bed from Repetier host, but the first "sync" is incorrect (it always shows the bed "off").
  • You mean you enable in server the bed then connect bed and it is shown off?
  • Yup :)

    Also, another issue, when I stop a print manually, it doesn't cooldown the printer bed/hotend/fan. (but it's working fine if I'm using repetier host ONLY with the printer attached directly to my PC & not repetier server+repetier host as client)
  • The last error is wrong configuration. If it works only from host you have the script in host stop print script. If you print over server the host scripts need to be empty and the server scripts should contain the code. That way in all cases the right script gets send.
  • I don't have any script on host,just enabled the option in the printer setting to stop  fan/hotend and bed.

    I'm surprised to see that I should manually script this for repetier server where it's only a checkbox on repetier host :) Did I miss something ?
  • No, you really need to write the code in server if you want it to disable.
    The problem is there is so much you might want to do at stop/pause/continue/finish so adding switches for everything is just a endless list. Now we are flexible to do anything you want, you just have to say.

    M104 S0
    M140 S0

    should do the trick for single extruder + bed.
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