Not enough memory while tying to compile latest Firmware

Tried to update my firmware to the latest version availabe on github but while trying to compile I got the error: not enough memory in the arduino ide. Use the Ramps with Arduino Mega2560

Used latest Arduino 1.8.8 and 1.6.5.
Old firmware can be compiled the newest can't.
Any advice on that?

Thanks, Andre


  • Try selecting less languages.
    From your question it is not visible which memory is meant here. RAM/Flash/Text area in flash? Flash should be no problem as it has 256kb. With all languages selected you have more text data then you can address 64kb).

    Deltas tend to not have enough ram. You need to reduce subsegments per line or buffered lines in total, also I like to have 16 lines for planner. Reduce until you have at least 1kb free ram for the stack for operations during printing.
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