Repetier equivalent to Marlin M206?

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I'm currently trying to run my RAMPS 1.4 with Repetier Firmware 1.0x.
I am currently using Marlin 1.1.1 and suddenly I'm getting com timeouts and sometimes the print suddenly pauses for 5 or so seconds and then continues causing ugly blobs/melts on the printing part.

I have P3Steel and my endstops are at the min positions.
The home position is outside of the print bed. They are offset from the print bed's 0x0x0 position by X-15 Y-24 Z-0.01.
In Marlin I used M206 X-15 Y-24 Z-0.01 (just once when configuring the firmware) to tell the printer where the endstops are.
The workflow was like this:
Turn on printer
G28 ; homing X,Y then raise Z by 5mm and home Z
If I now entered this:
G1 X0 Y0 Z0
the printer moves from home position to 0x0x0 position of the print bed

I tried to achieve this in Repetier firmware but M206 has a different function.
I found "ENDSTOP_(X|Y|Z)_BACK_ON_HOME" in repetier-firmware but I am not sure if this is the equivalent for Marlin's M206.
Because if I set these three values to X= 15 ; Y= 24 ; Z= 0.01 I get a compile error in the Arduino IDE 1.8.8.
"exit status 1
expected primary-expression before '>' token"
What I thought that this is doing is to home each axis and then move to printer's bed x0 y0 z0 position.


  • Oh I just realized where this compile error comes from.
    The configuration.h file says this:
    where it should say
    #define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_ON_HOME 0.01

    the float is not printed somehow. Manually adding this solved the compile error.

    I now uploaded the firmware with the settings for "ENDSTOP_(X|Y|Z)_BACK_ON_HOME".
    But now it homes not directly at the endstops out of the print bed but exactly at X0 Y0 Z0 of the print bed. Which is what "ENDSTOP_(X|Y|Z)_BACK_ON_HOME" should do I guess. So everything is working as intended.

    But what I want is that the printer should home with no offsets and directly at the endstops (which is on my configuration at X-15 y-24 and Z-0.01).
    But still the firmware should know that the home position is offset from the printer bed. So that commanding G1 X0 Y0 Z0 moves the printer from X-15 Y-24 Z-0.01 to X0 Y0 Z0 of the print bed.
    This might be confusing for others but it's what I am doing for a long time now. I like to have a home position outside of everything that could interfere with the nozzle.

  • Just go to eeprom editor and set xmin to -15 and adjust x length. Same for y and z. That allows you to move next to the bed. ENDSTOP_(X|Y|Z)_BACK_ON_HOME must be 0 then of course.
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    Thanks! And is it possible to allow movement into negatives? Like G1 Z-1?
  • You can disable target position check G1 S1. End stops might still trigger if enabled.
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