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I have built my printer, everything works fine, I used the firmware configured with the utility online.
Now the problem:
when I start printing in ABS, the bed warms up, then warms the head. When the head reaches around 160 degrees, the extruder (case A) retract rapidly about 40mm filament, then the head continues to heat. So before you start printing the extruder expels (case B) very quickly about 50 mm of filament.
In my configuration using an extruder  type MK7/MK8.
This is my problem:
The (case A) brings out the filament from the drive gear and the (case B) can not take place because the filament is out of the drive gear.

I tried a parameter to adjust both the (case A) and the (case B) but I could not find anything.

Can you help?

Thank You


  • Open eeprom editor and set 
    Extr.1 distance to retract when heating [mm]
     to 0, then this should not happen.
  • Hi,
    all ok! Problem Solved!!!

    Many thanks.
    I have left a doubt ... How we got there that value?
    It looks very similar to the value that I have entered into the configuration tool as the number of extruder's steps / mm ...

    Anyway, thanks again.

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