changing ext0_heater_pin not working.

I have been using my RAMPS 1.4 Z_Endstop_max pin to trigger(PWM) a mosfet module powering my heated bed for more than a year now, with Repetier firmware( thank you very much for your wonderful firmware) on my single extruder printer.

When trying to convert my only extruder heater's power supply , I have encounter problem than I'm unable to solve. What I want to do is power the extruder heater with a mosfet module trigger by one of the digital pin on the ramps 1.4(as I did to my heated bed),   I tried change the pin number in configuration.h , online config or pins.h, but it seems that no pwm signal will be output to the digital pins I selected( x_endstop_max: D2, or y_endstop_max: D15) . When I test raise the temperature of the extruder, the Ramps 1.4 on-board mosfet will always turn up (D10 , also the LED4 will be bright red) instead of output pwm signal to the digital pin I selected.

I think I might be missing something, any suggestion will be welcome, thank you.


  • I have been using repetier server to upload firmware. After some more test, turned out that my new firmware was not upload to the printer( some thing wrong with the driver), that's why pin switch not working.  Every thing is working now, thanks.
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