Unnecessary Travel When Printing Circles

It might be Slic3r rather than Repeteir, but here's what happens.  Any time I print something that is a circle, like if I were to print a cylinder that is standing upright, it will print the inner perimeter, jog across to the opposite side of the inner perimeter, then all the way back across to the far side again where it started to start printing the outer perimeter.  Then it will infill as normal.

It's not really a huge problem, but it wastes time, and gives the filament that much more time to ooze, so the outer perimeters have a bit more a seam than normal.  I'm pretty sure it's not a setting I have check off.  Anyone else experiencing this?  Hopefully it'll be gone in the next version :)


  • Do you have simple sample gcode where that happens? I'm not totally sure if it is a slic3r problem or not. Would be interesting to see if the move shows up in gcode as well (show travel moves enabled). In that case it is a slic3r problem.
  • After playing around with it a bit, it seems to be caused by a feature of Slic3r.  It only does it when Seam Position is set to "Aligned", under the Advanced section of Layers and perimeters.

    I may have not described it properly above.  It will only do it when there is both an inner and outer perimiter, such as an upright cylinder with a hole down through the center.  It seem to be Slic3r though, not Repetier :)  Luckily I was only used Aligned by accident, so it's unlikely it'll continue to be a problem. Works fine on Nearest.
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