Runnout filament sensor with Repetier


I'm using a RAMPS 1.4 with an optical sensor as a filament runout sensor.

I have tried two pins as the signal:
-Servo pint (D4)
-Z Max pin

When I activate the "DEBUG_JAM", the command M512 can correctly see if there is a filament (1) or no filament(0)

I use the following configuration:
#define JAM_METHOD 3
#define JAM_ACTION 1

Also tried Jam_ACTION 2 and JAM_METHOD 2, without success.

Tried running the print from SD, from Repetier Host and Repetier Server without success.

I tried Repetier V0.93.9 and V1.0.3 without success.

I feel like the function TEST_EXTRUDER_JAM(x) is not triggered correctly, unless there is something I'm missing.

I try to remove the filament from the sensor and put it back many times during a print and it never stops.
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