Can Repetier 1.X be installed on a Melzi version 2.0.5 controller board for a TronXY 3S 3D Printer?

I have a TronXY X3 printer that used a Melzi version 2.0.5 controller board with a 4 push buttons and a Blue LCD display. I think this is a standard configuration sold in China by many vendors. The current version is Repetier 0.91 and I was hoping to put on a bed leveling sensor that I got from Banggood or Gearbest. See Link

I believe the bed leveling device that I purchased is the 10-36V type.

TRONXY® 6-38V Auto Leveling Heated Bed Sensor For Tronxy P802M P802E 3D Printer

Before I go down that path and take my printer apart and install it on the controller board, reassemble it, test it,  I want to make sure it will work with my printer. I have seen Youtube videos or other TronXY 3X printers using this device, but I have not get the software version that the controller used from the presenter.  Before I proceed will Repetier 0.91 work with such a bed leveling device? Do I have to upgrade my firmware? Due to my lack of knowledge, is there a ready to download version I can get? Is this worth the trouble?? I can level a bed fairly quickly. Thanks for you help
 Richard Brown 


  • 0.91 is fairly old and bed leveling has gone many improvements, so upgrading is the better way. But I think the melzi board has only 128kb ram which can be the problem. Full featured firmware is bigger. So you have to remove all languages but 1 and maybe exclude some features to make it fit in 128kb. You can try by simply running a verify with your config and ide will tell you if it fits or not. That is the main thing to have in mind.

    If you connect also make sure the pins only get max. 5V not 10-36V. If you have the Configuration.h for 0.91 it should be quite easy to upgrade firmware. Especially if it had used the config tool, then you could upload and new features get added with defaults and marked orange so you can quickly verify.

    If you ask if bed leveling makes sense, then I say it depends. You still get the best results if the bed is just leveled correctly physically. Software leveling requires Z to adjust permanently. That can add vibration, backlash on z makes height wrong (if you have backlash), homing is different and maybe even slower. The advantage is if bed get permanently wrong in level it is the fastest way to adjust. Also it allows to adjust for bumps on the bed. For deltas it is a must as the geometry is never prefect and measuring errors by hand makes you mad. So decide your self if the pro is more then the con for your printer.
  • Thanks. I will see if I can install a newer version of Repetier. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again. Richard Brown
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