Print missing top layers (in part)

See the pics..
The last few layers of the top look to be poorly formed. I have no idea where to look next. I have not been present when the top layers get printed so i do not know if the spool is binding (but it does not appear to be).
I have enabled top layer skin to see if that would help.
Not sure if this is an under extrusion issue as the other tops seem to be ok.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance

Under side (just in case it helps)..
I do see a bit of over extrusion but i am not sure that would cause the issue up top..



  • Could be a cooling issue. Each layer is quickly printed and so filament has not enough time to harden. Make sure you have a good minimum layer time in cooling. If speed slows down it will harden and not move through a blobby mess.

    Could also be underextrusion but hard to see. Maybe extruder clogged a bit due to slowdown and heat going up. Then extruder heat break needs better cooling.
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