No movmento on any axis, any conditons?


I'm using a ramps 1.4 board for my DIY printer(not yet existing, just testing motors and board on the table) and I can't get any motor movment out of the board, the DIRECTION signal goes high and low depending on the direction but there is no PULSE signal, checked with osciloscope. I have tested the stepper driver/motor with function generator signal and the motor is turning. No errors are present, limit switches are set to electric, normali open(digital inputs for x, y, z, max/min are low, 0V) thermistor is ok, showing ok. I have tried all posible pull up, pull down combinaions, eaven with a secund arduino bard, everithng is the same.

The printer is a delta.

are there any other conditions for starting.



  • Check if you have enabled move without homing. With deltas look also in log if move is outside allowed area. Especially unhomed I'm not sure what the start conditions are. And homing only works with real printer as end stop changes are controlled. M119 should also show end stops low. For testing single motors I suggest setting it to cartesian and later switch back to delta when printer is ready.
  • I'm geting somewhere, in cartesian mode the printer works fine(homing, endswitches, heater) then I set up for delta agen and when i want to home only the Z axis move x and y remain stationary. In manual mode nothing is hapening when I try to move. M119 returnes: "endstop hit x_min:L y_min:L z_min:L, all of the inputs for enstops are at 0V

     Any sugestions? 
  • Deltas us ethe max endstops for homing not min endstops. So you should have x,y,z max on low before homing.
  • Yes, I'm using inductive sensors as endstops(+ levelshifter to get 5v signals, input signals are ok 0v for low and 5v for high, cofirmed on pin of arduino) therfore I have set the endstop signal sto be "electric normal open" all the inputs for the coresponding endstop pins are low, if I switch the max enstop sensor for Z axis to high when the axis is in the homing proces the Z axis is homed-perfect. Is there a nother comand to get status information for all the endstop signal not just the botom ones? 
  • M119 returns all end stops. You have all mounted on top of delta hence max endstop where firmware checks them. Deltas have no min endstops at all. Ok they could to limit down moves but it makes no sense.
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