EXT0_EXTRUDER_COOLER_SPEED has no effect on FAN speed

I recently got new powerful but very loud 40mm fan for the extruder.   I love the fact that Repetier host now can turn on off when extruder cooled down, however i noticed that EXT0_EXTRUDER_COOLER_SPEED option has no effect on fan speed. I set it all the way down to 64 but fan as fast and as loud as at 255... Is this a know bug, or maybe I'm doing something wrong?  Fan is connected to 12V FAN pin (I think D9)..


  • I'm not sure if you understood the fans right.

    Extruders can have 2 fans

    1. Extruder cooler fan connected to extruder cooler pin, which is controlled only by firmware and turns on if extruder gets warm. Reason is that many new extruders need active cooling to keep melting zone small.
    2. Material cooler fan which is connected to FAN_PIN and can be set from host or with M106/M107.

    In addition EXT0_EXTRUDER_COOLER_SPEED gets stored in eeprom, which overrides your config settings, so please check that as well if you did not mix the 2 fan functions.
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