xyz stepper motor configuration

Hello, I have been trying to figure out what I am doing wrong for the past week or 2. I have my printer setup and working, I recently upgraded the firmeare to the repetier firmware, everything seems to be working well, except one thing. When I change the steps per mm in the configuration.h for any of my axis nothing happens, they move EXACTLY the same ammount, I can change it to 80 then to 800 then to 3000. the stepper motors move the exact same distance. can ANYone help me!?! Am I changing the wrong setting? what am I doing wrong??


  • You have enabled eeprom support. So to change the steps per mm don't recompile, but simply connect with repetier-host and go to Config-> Firmware EEPROM Settings. There you see all your parameter and can easily change them without recompiling. For more informations on this read the firmware docs.
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