Motor pauses for a moment during probing, ruining calibration

Hello everyone,

I have built my delta printer a long time ago. I recently changed the drivers to TMC2130 ones, it works well and considerably reduces the noise, so great point!
However, I was trying to calibrate the build plate by running G33, everything works well, but there is one point where it goes wrong...
After retrying maybe ten times, I can be sure that it is a consistent error. 
Here is what happens: while the platform goes down to probe the point (which by the way is one of the most difficult to probe because it is nearly at the base of a column) the motor opposite this column pauses for just a moment, and then goes back to normal mouvement. It has the same effect as a motor loosing steps, but I checked everything and they don't seem to be any special force blocking the motor... After that, all the calibration is ruined because of those missed steps.
I tried probing this point manualy using G1 to go on top of it and then G30, it works like a charm. SO I can't understand what is going on...
Also note that after it has paused, the motor continues the mouvement, which means that the motor is not blocked because of a firmware limit
If anyone has an idea let me know please!

Thanks a lot for your time


  • Is the tmc stall guard active - I mean do you use it or regular end stops? Otherwise it could be a endstop signal preventing a move. The tmc resets endstop signals after a short while as far as I know so it can continue working after that. 

    You said it is the farmost slider so it the one needing to move fastest and faster moves loose torque.  If you replay you need same condition. ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS 1 in firmware config and same move sequence with same speeds. If you go to position from another position or with different speed you might not get the same signals.
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