Mixing extruder - filament change problem


I have Diamond hotend (EXT0, EXT1, EXT2 to one nozzle). I have MIXING_EXTRUDER and SHARED_EXTRUDER_HEATER enabled. Printer has LCD, but i don't know how to change filament for EXT1 or EXT2 (in LCD menu is only EXT0). 
I have Repetier-firmware 1.0.3.

Thank you for help.


  • I think then you need to use a host software and select a virtual extruder where the filament to change has weight 100%. Or you make idler on extruder physically off and just pull the filament out of the hot extruder.
  • Ok, there is no way to change filament only by LCD? If I disable "MIXING_EXTRUDER" I see 3 independent extruders in LCD menu - is it possible active this menu for "MIXING_EXTRUDER"? 
    It would be very useful - use "Filament change" menu for mixing extruder. Thank you :)
  • No that is not possible. Menu is not dynamic and you can also not change compilation on the fly. So the 2 solutions I told are the only one I can think of. Will see if I can come up with a better solution for V2 which has dynamic menus and is more flexible in design.
  • I know that the menu is not dynamic. And it is possible to make changes only in uimenu.h or it is more complicated (to activate 3 extruders in LCD menu for MIXING_EXTRUDER)?
  • The problem is it needs to add 16 extruders. It can be done but it requires a lot of code and many changes and makes the menu quite long. Not really sure it is worth all the trouble.
  • Ok - this is a long-distance run. Thank you for the explanation.
  • Yes, but I try to make it better in v2:-) There extruders can have their own menu part so I can better control single motors here. Even with 16 extruders to select you still would need to remember whcih one has which mixing ratio to get what you want.
  • Nice-I will waiting for this new feature :) Thank you :)
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