Negatine shifting for CNC

I use support cnc mill for cnc milling.I must shift the z axis to negtive side.How can i do it ?


  • Depends on how you measure z reference. If you have bed as Z=0 and use a probe to test surface as 0 you use G30:

    - G30 P<0..3> - Single z-probe at current position P = 1 first measurement, P = 2 Last measurement P = 0 or 3 first and last measurement

    - G30 H<height> R<offset> Make probe define new Z and z offset (R) at trigger point assuming z-probe measured an object of H height.

    The second use case is what you want. Having no mill in use I always forget the sign, but the idea is to tell object is xmm height and you want an offset of x so top is 0. That will use internally G92 to set an offset so negative Z is still allowed.

    An other solution is disable target position checking with G1 S1.
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