Calibration or slicing Errors please help

I calibrated my steps/mm and using Thingiverse 20mm test cube thing 943755 (thanks to deBaer for this one). The result was a 20mm cube with actual dimensions X=20.05mm, Y=20.01mm & Z=20.14mm. My issue is that whilst the holes on Z-Z were spot on those through X-X were flattened top and bottom slightly and even more so on Y-Y. Printer is an Aetet A8, Repetier Host V2.1.3, using Cura slicer built in. Am I missing something in the calibration or some other setting in the slicer?


  • that´s usual behaviour depending on layer height.
    The thinner the layers, the better the result.

  • Thanks. Will have a look. Layer currently set 0.2mm against and extruder of 0.4mm. Will re-run at 0.1mm.
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