WRN-01 Sensor?

i orderer an Extruder from China.
It came with a Thermistor, but i cant figure out how to set up the Firmware for it.
I thought it was broke and they sent me a new one, same like with the first.

All information i got is, that its called WRN-01
The site states its a K-type thermocouple NTC 100K B=3950

Setup firmware as follows:
#define GENERIC_THERM1_T0 25
#define GENERIC_THERM1_R0 100000
#define GENERIC_THERM1_BETA 3950
#define GENERIC_THERM1_R1 0
#define GENERIC_THERM1_R2 4700

The result i get is 381.11°C


  • A Thermocouple is not the same as a thermistor and should also not be put inside thermistor pins - that gives no meaningful results. For thermocouples you need a special chip to convert data to a linear voltage. Some boards have build in support for thermocouples, then all you need to do is set the right thermocoule type in firmware (e.g. AD595, MAX 6645). 

    Alternatively buy a thermistor and put it into the extruder as a replacement.
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