eeproom setings can you help

Hi all   new on hear and was wondering if any one 
has  got the original configuration settings, or a set that woks well for you , that can be set via the lCD on a Zonestar P802QR2 Printer 
with repeater 0.92.9 and FWVer:V2.5, 
(I have trolled the inter net for Hrs and not found anything ) 
I apologize if this is the rang place for this. 
 ( my sun has altered the settings  and now the printer dose not print
correctly and wont self level just shoots off the right side and bangs the pillar)   
any help would be much appreciated 
many thanks
 have just put Repeater-host on my computer and learning how to yous it at present   


  • If it is just a modified eeprom run

    to restore factory settings.

    Have no config for a new upload, but maybe someone else?
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